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63150813WP2 LEGRIS

Rechte Opschroef Koppeling Insteek 8mm x R1/4"
EU Magazijn Geschatte levertijd 5 werkdagen t.t.v.v.
€ 3,15 ex
Aantal ×10

Productspecificatie 63150813WP2 LEGRIS

LIQUIfit Bio-based polymeer coupling. In-line connection of tubing to a threaded port. External tightening with a flat spanner or a socket wrench, internal adjustment with an Allen key.
100% leak-tested in production; date coding to guarantee quality and traceability. Conforms to NSF 51, NSF 61 C HOT, WRAS, FDA, ACS, and is in compliance with regulation (EC) 1935/2004, RoHS.

Artikeldetails 63150813WP2 LEGRIS
Merk     Legris
Soort product     Insteekkoppeling
Materiaal dichting     EPDM
Aansluiting     R1/4", 8mm
Materiaal (behuizing)     Polymeer

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