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63041000WP2 LEGRIS

TEE Koppeling Insteek CleanFit 10x10mm
EU Magazijn Geschatte levertijd 15 werkdagen t.t.v.v.
€ 4,14 ex
Aantal ×10

Productspecificatie 63041000WP2 LEGRIS

CleanFit. This "eco-designed" CleanFit range for Life Sciences and Clean Rooms drives high-tech equipment beyond current connection limits in terms of cleanliness, reliability and safety.
This ultra-clean range ensures perfect compatibility with most gases, and therefore complies with demanding applications and standards.

- Hi-Tech Materials Complying with Health Regulations

• Bio-sourced polymer, chemical nickel-plated brass
• Compatible with cleaning agents recommended for decontamination processes
• Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, even at high temperatures
• Sterilisable using standard chemical and radiation procedures
• Date coding to guarantee quality and traceability

Clean Packaging
All fittings are packed in an antistatic and airtight bag, guaranteeing impeccable cleanliness for safe and easy use.

• Fluids: Breathing, neutral & pure medical gases. Other fluids: please consult us
• Materials: Bio-based polymer, technical polymer, stainless steel, EPDM, nickel-plated brass
• Pressure: Vacuum to 15 bar. Working pressure varies according to temperature
• Temperature: -10°C to +95°C

• DI: 2002/95/EC (RoHS), 2011/65/EC
• DI: 1907/2006 (REACH)
• ASTM G93-03.B-300
• ISO 15001 < 30 bar
• BAM (grease certification residue)
• CGA G4.1
• EN 12021 < 0,1 mg/m3
• VDI 2083-8 (in progress)

Artikeldetails 63041000WP2 LEGRIS
Werkdruk maximaal     15 bar
Media temp. °C     -10°C / 90°C
Merk     Legris
Soort product     Insteekkoppeling
Materiaal dichting     EPDM
Aansluiting     6mm
Uitvoering     T-koppeling
Materiaal (behuizing)     Polymeer

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